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These commands allow meshes to be loaded interactively, instead of having to modifiy the world file. This can also be used for rapid development of meshes, so that Walktest does not have be restarted each time you make a change to a mesh in an external modelling program.

loadmesh file, factory, texture

Loads a mesh from the ‘file’ (VFS path). Give it the name ‘factory’ for use in addmesh. The ‘texture’ must already by loaded.

addmesh factory, mesh, size

Adds named mesh to world at current location using a ‘factory’ specified by loadmesh. The ‘mesh’ parameter can be used later in delmesh.

delmesh mesh

Delete named mesh.


List loaded meshes, including ones from the loaded map.

listactions name, action

List available actions for this mesh.

setaction meshname, action

Starts named action.

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