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This allows demos to be recorded.


Start/stop recording camera movement. If you have a previous recording in memory then a the new camera movements will be appended.


Play current recording. The play command also exists in other forms concerned with performance statistics, not a recording of motion.


Clear current recording.

saverec file

Save recording as ‘/tmp/file.rec’, default ‘/tmp/record’. It is only sensible play back a recording in the same or nearly identical map.

loadrec file

Load recording from ‘/tmp/file.rec’, default ‘/tmp/record’.

recsubperf str - record subperformance

Once a recording has begun this command is used to record the statistics of a subsection of the demo and is reported as such in the output ‘file.rps’ when played back. To finish the subsection call the command again without an argument. ‘recsubperf’ stands for record subsection performance.

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