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3.1.5 Special Keys

When not in console mode, you can perform various actions and commands using shortcut keys. Most of these are for movement, the rest enable debugging commands.

They are defined by the ‘/data/config/autoexec.cfg’ file which is read in at start up time. That is the best place to check exactly what is bound to what.

Here is the current contents of the file, annotated:

bind tab console toggle
bind space fire
bind ctrl-l lightning
bind b turn
bind shift-c coordsave
bind c coordload
bind ctrl-c coordshow toggle
bind shift-l addlight 1,1,1,1000,1
bind p perftest
bind q quit
bind shift-1 dellight
bind 1 addlight
bind alt-1 dellights
bind 2 picklight
bind shift-2 droplight
bind f1 extension sim_pal
bind f2 extension sim_grey
bind f3 extension sim_332
bind f4 fs_inter .01,100
bind f5 fs_fadeout
bind f6 fs_fadetxt spark
bind \ freelook toggle
bind status-alt-left strafe_left
bind status-alt-right strafe_right
bind status-left rotate_left
bind status-shift-left rotate_left
bind status-right rotate_right
bind status-shift-right rotate_right
bind status-up step_forward
bind status-shift-up step_forward
bind status-down step_backward
bind status-shift-down step_backward
bind status-pgup look_up
bind status-pgdn look_down
    The following section do NOT have the status
    modifier set, so they do not run for as long as the key
    is pressed.  The Control variants set the Slow
    flag, and the Control-Shift variants set the fast
bind ctrl-left i_rotleftc 1,0
bind ctrl-right i_rotrightc 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-left i_left 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-right i_right 1,0
bind ctrl-up i_forward 1,0
bind ctrl-down i_backward 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-up i_up 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-down i_down 1,0
bind ctrl-pgdn i_rotleftx 1,0
bind ctrl-pgup i_rotrightx 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-pgdn i_rotleftz 1,0
bind ctrl-alt-pgup i_rotrightz 1,0
bind ctrl-shift-left i_rotleftc 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-right i_rotrightc 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-left i_left 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-right i_right 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-up i_forward 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-down i_backward 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-up i_up 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-down i_down 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-pgdn i_rotleftx 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-pgup i_rotrightx 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-pgdn i_rotleftz 0,1
bind ctrl-shift-alt-pgup i_rotrightz 0,1
bind ctrl-alt-up i_up 0,0
bind ctrl-alt-down i_down 0,0
bind ` inverse_mouse toggle
bind status-0 jump
bind 3 move3d toggle
bind shift-8 colldet toggle
bind 8 do_gravity toggle
bind alt-enter fullscreen
    This sends an Extension command to the current renderer,
    so probably has no effect unless you are using the X11
bind o objectmove toggle
bind w objectmovez 1
bind s objectmovez -1
bind a objectmovex 1
bind d objectmovex -1
bind shift-w objectmovez .01
bind shift-s objectmovez -.01
bind shift-a objectmovex .01
bind shift-d objectmovex -.01
    Related to moving objects around.
bind v split_view
bind shift-v unsplit_view
bind alt-v toggle_view
    View splitting and unsplitting

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