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These commands are primarily to aid in debugging the engine, and may or may not work, depending on the current state of the engine code.


Load bugplug plugin. See section Using the BugPlug Debugging Plugin.


Clear the text from the console.

cmessage str

Print a message to the console at ‘NOTIFY’ priority. Useful in scripts.

dmessage str

Print a message to the console at ‘DEBUG’ priority. Useful in scripts.


Print a newline to the console at ‘DEBUG’ priority. Useful in scripts.

db_boxshow boolean

Sets or display ‘do_show_debug_boxes’.


Set ‘db_box1’ to current position.


Set ‘db_box2’ to current position.


Set or show size of ‘db_box1’.


Set or show size of ‘db_box2’.

debug0, debug1, debug2

These commands do not do anything, but serve as placeholders to put in your own debugging code.

lod Value

Change the global level-of-detail (LOD) setting for sprite. 1 is full detail, 0 is no detail at all (i.e. you will not see the sprite). -1 is disabled. Otherwise, any value between 0 and 1 is legal. Default is 1.

portals Boolean

Enable/disable drawing through portals. If this is off, a portal will just draw as the default texture on the polygon

zbuf Boolean

For debugging. When enabled this will show an alternate view where far away objects are rendered in another color. In other words: it tests the Z buffer. It works best in 16-bit mode.

palette Boolean

This only has effect when a palette is used, not in a True Colour display.

farplane Value

Set far plane distance, or 0 to disable Y.


List loaded plugins.

conflist n

List options for plugin n.

confset n,s1,s2

Set option s1 to s2 for plugin n.

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