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5.8.1 Installing the io_scene_cs add-on script

This section describes the installation procedure of the io_scene_cs add-on script.

Getting the add-on

The io_scene_cs add-on script is available in the Crystal Space package, within the ‘CS/scripts/blender’ directory. The script should be used with the corresponding version of Crystal Space.

Installing the add-on

Since the script is composed of several files, you cannot simply use the ‘Install Add-On’ button of the Blender interface. Instead, you need to manually copy the folder ‘CS/scripts/blender/io_scene_cs’ into the Blender add-ons directory (‘blender/$version/scripts/addons’). By default, this directory should be at:

See the official Blender manual for more information on the actual process.

Enabling the add-on

Blender add-ons are found in the ‘Add-Ons’ tab of the ‘Files > User Preferences’ window. Once an add-on has been installed, it has to be enabled before it can be used. Simply place a check mark on the ‘Enable an addon’ box of the add-on called ‘Game Engine: Export Crystal Space 3D format’. In this panel, you can define the default export path that will be used by the add-on to export your Blender scenes.

If the add-on doesn't appear in the list, then this probably means that the installation was not made correctly. Please check the directory where you placed the io_scene_cs add-on script, or check the Blender console for any problems.


The new export functionality is now integrated into Blender and can be used. If you want to disable the functionality, uncheck the box. To get more information on the add-on you can press the arrow at the left of the entry. Finally, this add-on can be enabled everytime you start Blender simply by saving your user preferences (‘Save As Default’ at the bottom of the window).

Switching to the CrystalSpace render view

Close the Blender ‘User Preferences’ window. On the top of the blender interface is a dropdown which defaults to ‘Blender Render’, select ‘CrystalSpace’ instead.


If you don't see ‘CrystalSpace’ listed, then you may:

Configuring Crystal Space

Finally, if you want to test your exported meshes and models, you should have a valid Crystal Space package installed on your computer, with the ‘CRYSTAL’ environment variable pointing to the installation directory. Although this variable is not technically needed to use the io_scene_cs script, you will need it in order to view your exported files and to use the ‘Export and Run’ functionality of the script. For more information on the way to do this, See section Setting the CRYSTAL environment variable.

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