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CS::RenderManager::ShadowPSSM< RenderTree, LayerConfigType >::ViewSetup Class Reference

Shadow per-view specific data. More...

#include <csplugincommon/rendermanager/shadow_pssm.h>

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template<typename RenderTree, typename LayerConfigType>
class CS::RenderManager::ShadowPSSM< RenderTree, LayerConfigType >::ViewSetup

Shadow per-view specific data.

An instance of this class needs to be created when rendering a view and passed the light setup. Example:

 // ... basic setup ...

 // Setup shadow handler per-view data
 ShadowType::ViewSetup shadowViewSetup (
   rednerManager->lightPersistent.shadowPersist, renderView);

 // ... perform various tasks ...

 // Setup lighting for meshes
 LightSetupType lightSetup (
  renderManager->lightPersistent, renderManager->lightManager,
  context.svArrays, layerConfig, shadowViewSetup);
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