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CS::Animation::iSkeletonAnimPacketFactory Struct Reference
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Defines a factory for a skeletal animation packet (iSkeletonAnimPacket). More...

#include <imesh/animnode/skeleton2anim.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void ClearAnimations ()=0
 Remove all animation factories.
virtual iSkeletonAnimationCreateAnimation (const char *name)=0
 Create a new animation factory.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonAnimationNodeFactory
CreateAnimationNode (const char *name)=0
 Create an animation node.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonBlendNodeFactory
CreateBlendNode (const char *name)=0
 Create a blend node.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonFSMNodeFactory
CreateFSMNode (const char *name)=0
 Create a FSM node.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonAnimPacket
CreateInstance (iSkeleton *skeleton)=0
 Create an instance of this animation packet.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonPriorityNodeFactory
CreatePriorityNode (const char *name)=0
 Create a priority node.
virtual csPtr
< iSkeletonRandomNodeFactory
CreateRandomNode (const char *name)=0
 Create a random switching node.
virtual iSkeletonAnimationFindAnimation (const char *name)=0
 Find an already created animation factory.
virtual size_t FindAnimationIndex (const char *name)=0
 Find an already created animation factory and returns it's index.
virtual iSkeletonAnimationGetAnimation (size_t index)=0
 Get animation factory by index.
virtual size_t GetAnimationCount () const =0
 Get the number of animation factories.
virtual iSkeletonAnimNodeFactoryGetAnimationRoot () const =0
 Get the root node for the animation mixing hierarchy.
virtual const char * GetName () const =0
 Get the name of this animation packet factory.
virtual void RemoveAnimation (size_t index)=0
 Remove the animation of the given index.
virtual void RemoveAnimation (const char *name)=0
 Remove the animation of the given name.
virtual void SetAnimationRoot (iSkeletonAnimNodeFactory *root)=0
 Set the root node for the animation mixing hierarchy.

Detailed Description

Defines a factory for a skeletal animation packet (iSkeletonAnimPacket).

A packet consists of a number of animations and a hierarchical structure of nodes that defines how those animations are mixed.

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