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Member CS::Graphics::RenderMesh::variablecontext
Document me!

Document me

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Class csConfigDocument
Write support

Class csFixed16
More operators.

Class csFixed24
More operators.

Change this to a bitmask

Class csMouseDriver
The csMouseDriver and csJoystickDriver should be unified, since there's no real distinction between them under the hood.

Change this to a bitmask.

Member csPoly2D::Random (size_t num, const csBox2 &max_bbox)
Extend the Random() function to support more then only triangles.

Member csQueryRegistryOrLoad
This probably ought to be made more thread-safe by locking the object registry if possible.

Class csWideSparse3D
Current implementation is very naive. The list should be sorted to make searching at least a little more efficient.

Group Event class masks
: this should be replaced with something better. I think we can accomplish the same thing using the event namespace: no two suppliers can overlap in the event tree. More expressive, more flexible, and doesn't lose anything we've got now.

Member iCamera::QuerySceneNode ()=0
iCamera doesn't yet support iMovable so scene nodes are not properly working yet.

Class iFireTexture
'GetPalette()' maybe.

Class iGradient
More shade management (e.g. getting, deleting of single shades.)

Class iKeyboardDriver
Need a simple way to query all currently-set modifiers for event construction.

Class iKitchenSink
Iterator for contained objects.

Class iLightIterRenderStep
Document me!

Class iLightningFactoryState
Document me!

Class iLightRenderStep
Document me!

Member iMeshGenerator::SetSampleBox (const csBox3 &box)=0
In future support other directions for the mapping beam.

Member iMeshGeneratorGeometry::SetDensity (float density)=0
add density map support.

Member iObject::ObjReleaseOld (iObject *obj)=0
Investigate a way to remove this function.

Class iRenderLoop

Add more step management methods.

Class iRenderStep
Document me!

Class iSndSysRenderer
Should Sound Streams get processing time even if no Sound Sources are attached?

Class iSndSysSource3DDirectionalSimple
The interface should probably be phased out and the software renderer updated to use iSndSysSource3DDirectional.

Class iSprite3DFactoryState

global_lighting_quality should be a config option.

global_lod_level should be a config option.

Class iSprite3DState
What about convenience functions to set colors for verts?

Member ODEJointType
Document me!

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