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1.2 How To Read This Manual

This manual has been written by numerous volunteers. As such, conventions within the manual are not always the same. Where possible, the overall maintainers of this manual have modified the original documents to fit a more standard convention for easier reading. If you find anything in this manual which is not correct, please submit a bug report, either to the mailing list, or to the Crystal Space bug tracking system. See section Feedback and Bug Reporting.

This manual can be read in just about any order; however, if you are a first time user of Crystal Space, you may want to read it in order from front to back, as it has been organized to be most useful to the new user when perused in that order.

If you have used Crystal Space before, check the standard Crystal Space history logs (‘CS/docs/history.old’ which is now in a compressed archive ‘CS/docs/history.old.zip’) to find out what's new.

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