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These commands allow a better view of how good Crystal Space is at handling your world map, or to help in identifying areas of the world map that need to be simplified or improved.

perftest value [p]

Run a performance test, giving the result in Frames Per Second. It calculates n frames, default 100.

play filename

If a filename is given, This outputs summary statistics for the demo played to ‘file.rps’. The ‘.rps’ extension stands for Recorded Performance Statistics Default ‘/tmp.rps’

play res, x, filename

The res option stands for resolution and tells WalkTest to record statistics every x frames and output the summary to ‘file.rps’.

play break, x

The break option, when WalkTest is compiled in debug mode, will trip off a signal trap frame number x. This is useful once you take note of the frame number of something interesting in an ‘.rps’ file

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