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In the summer of 2006 the Crystal Space team, together with the sponsors in Aachen held the first ever Crystal Space Conference. This was an excellent opportunity to meet several of the developers behind Crystal Space as well as users in person. The conference was a great success. On this page you can read reports, watch pictures and videos, and download the slides from the conference.


Crystal Space Conference Report

Read this report for a personal report on the conference (written by Jorrit Tyberghein).

Conference Pictures

On this site you can find several pictures of the conference. If you want to upload your own pictures then just register, send us your login and we'll create an album for you.

Conference Movies

The videos from the two days of the conference are now available in the gallery and for direct download. The movies are about 100 to 180 MB each.

Conference Presentations

Crystal Entity Layer (Jorrit Tyberghein)

This presentation is about Crystal Entity Layer. It explains the basic concepts and some of the important subsystems of CEL (quests, rules, scripting, ...). You can download the PDF here or you can download the OpenOffice Presentation.

Building Optimal Maps (Jorrit Tyberghein)

This presentation explains how you can build optimal maps for Crystal Space. It discusses various techniques like packing textures, combining objects, using visibility cullers, and more. You can watch the PDF here or you can download a full package with all blend and zip files (50megs!).

New Crystal Space Demo (Hristo, Boyan, and Vladimir)

At the conference Hristo, Boyan, and Vladimir demonstrated a very nice new demo which is going to be made available for free later. This demo is created only to demonstrate what Crystal Space can really do. It is still work in progress but it is already showing a lot of promise. Here you can see three screenshots: shot 1, shot 2, and shot 3. If you have no problems downloading a 103megs movie you can view the entire demo at the gallery site.

Blender2Crystal Workshop (Pablo Martin)

These are the slides for the blender2crystal workshop. In this workshop Pablo explains how to use blender2crystal and guides you through the complete build of a level. He also talks a lot about how to use CEL in combination with blender2crystal. You can download the PDF here or else you can also download the original OpenOffice presentation.

Shader System Overview (Frank Richter)

This talk gives a technical overview over CS' shader system: the individual components a shader is made of, shader variables as the carrier for rendering related data, shader expressions and shader conditionals. Download the slides as a PDF.

Virtual Annelov (Arianna Benigno)

In this presentation Arianna talks about how she modified PlaneShift to create a virtual world where physically disabled people can experience archeological sites from a bronze age perspective. Download the slides as a PDF or Download the slides as PowerPoint. For more information about Virtual Annelov (including the source) go to this site.

Cavacan Demo (M.Castrillón, E.Delgado, C.Guerra, M.Padrón, Y.Rodríguez, J.P.Suárez, A.Trujillo, S.Alamo, I.J.Lopez, D.A.Medina, I.Sabbagh)

Cavacan is an application that allows someone to fly virtually over El Hierro Islands (Canary Islands). It shows a hydroelectric power station that is in construction. Download the slides as a PDF.

Lighting in CrystalSpace (Marten Svanfeldt)

This talk describes the current system for light computation in CrystalSpace, different techniques for doing it and the ideas we have for improving the system in CrystalSpace.

Download the slides as PDF

Shader construction (Marten Svanfeldt)

This session gives a step to step introduction to shader construction. First part goes over the construction of a shader for static geometry using offset limited parallax mapping and specular reflection, while second part gives more of an overview of different techniques and ideas that can be used.

Download the slides as PDF Download the shaders in ZIP-file

Ecksdee Demonstration (Vincent Knecht and Amir Taaki)

Ecksdee is a futuristic racer in early development. Check out the Ecksdee site for more information.

Download the slides as PDF.

PlaneShift Demonstration (Luca Pancallo)

the PlaneShift site] for more information.

Download the slides as PDF.

Perspectives on Art (Amir Taaki)

Here Amir Taaki runs through some of the basics of the mindset when creating content and levels for your Crystal Space game. Although applicable elsewhere, its main focus is on Crystal Space and its OpenSource toolchains running through from art theory, to the modelling process with a short run through on level design. Download the slides as PDF.
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