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Crystal Space is a big project. We always welcome people to help us improve Crystal Space, and there are a wide variety of talents we can make use of.

  • Coders. Most of Crystal Space consists of C++; the level of knowledge required depends on the part of the SDK.
    • For work the core parts of the engine you should be proficient in C++ with some experience in OpenGL and/or 3D graphics in general.
    • Crystal Space is a big project and many of our sub-projects are not directly related to 3D or even graphics - for example, we have support for audio, physics, joystick input... These parts also usually require a relatively low level of C++ knowledge.
    • We have a custom build system. So if you're good at writing shell we always welcome a hand here.
    • If you're good in other languages, maintaining bindings for that language may be something for you.
  • Coders for our Crystal Core project. This basically involves a lot of work on CEL and also good knowledge on how to use CEL's XML script language.
  • Documentation writers. We have documentation but some parts are lacking and some parts are completely missing. Even if you're just mostly reading the documentation, we always welcome improvements - clarifications, rewordings for readability, expanding some of the API docs...
  • Artists. For our Crystal Core project we need 3D, 2D, sound, and music artists. For Crystal Space itself we need nice levels and demos to show off what it can do, and the occasional test level.
  • Web Designers/Developers. Some aspects of our web site are customized or need custumization (e.g. skins). Maintenance and updates is needed here as well. The web site bug tracker lists things that need to be done.
  • Public Relations. This may not be as obvious but one way you can help contribute to Crystal Space is by doing public relations for us. i.e. tell the world how good you think Crystal Space is. On this page you can find more information on things you can do to help promote Crystal Space.
  • Donate Money. You can also do a monetary donation if you want. We will use this money for a 'good' Crystal Space related goal. In this case for example the new Apricot Open Game project. You can donate here SourceForge Donation Page. If you want to donate money some other way then contact us.

“Getting in”

Contributing to CS is easy:

  • If you have found a bug and fixed it, go ahead and open a new issue on the issue tracker, with your bug attached.
  • The same goes for smaller enhancements and documentation improvements.
  • If you're just curious but don't have anything specific to be done in mind, look at the open tickets on the bug tracker.
  • Usually we'll grant SVN access after a couple of patches were accepted and committed.
  • It's always a good idea to subscribe to the main, dev and cvs mailing lists.
  • If you have some “bigger” idea (write a new plugin, make a bigger enhancement/change) write a mail to the main developers.

Report Bugs

Go to the Bugs page to report bugs in Crystal Space, CEL, or Crystal Core.

Crystal Space View tickets Report new
Crystal Entity Layer View tickets Report new
Crystal Core View tickets Report new
The whole homepage View tickets Report new

Developer's White Board

For all our projects we have a developer wiki which is separate from this site. Crystal Space and CEL also have SourceForge projects. You can find them in the following table:

Crystal Space Crystal Space Developer Wiki Crystal Space on SourceForge.net
Crystal Entity Layer CEL Developer Wiki CEL on SourceForge.net
Crystal Core CC Developer Wiki n.a.

Summer of Code

Crystal Space has been involved with Summer of Code in 2006 and also in 2007. For 2007 you can find more information here.

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