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CEL (or Crystal Entity Layer) is a set of plugins and applications built on top of the Crystal Space SDK.
CEL provides a set of commonly used abstractions to specifically help with writing games.
CEL introduces the notion of an 'entity' which can be any kind of (visual or non-visual) object in a game.
CEL also comes with a lot of useful plugins for 3rd/first person camera handling, physics, movement system, quest system, and so on.

Written in C++, CEL can also be interacted with via Python or Xml. Using CELstart it is also not necessary to use C++.
This means that since the base code is C++, CEL is fast while being extremely easy to use from within Python and/or Xml.


The first place to start is the manual:

CEL user manual view online download
CEL public API reference view online download
Wiki documentation CEL Wiki Documentation
CEL Design document CEL Design

Also worth checking out (but getting a bit dated now) are the Planeshift summary and Once CEL tutorial.


Go to the download section to download Crystal Space (required for CEL) and CEL.

Example Demos/Games

CEL comes prepackaged with a number of example applications which can be found under apps/ in the CEL package. You can also download the binary CELstart application and download several demos from here.

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