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Cally in The Maze - Planning the game


Cally in the maze is simple game, but it has its own rules. In this section I describe the game itself, so you won't find any code pieces or progam architectures here.

Short concept

Cally in the maze is a classical "find out from the labirynth" game. The player controls Cally, who tries to escape from the maze. She can find treasures, keys for closed doors, secret tunnels and so on. There are two treasure types in the maze - gold coins and jewels. The game has more levels. When the final level has been finished - the game will be over. The player earns points to measure his efficiency. See this table for details:

Points Goal
+ 1000 when a level is finshed
+ 5000 when the the final level is finished
+ 50 for every gold coins
+ 250 for every jewel
+ 1000 for every secret door

The program will measure how much time the player uses. When the game is over, the earned points will be divided by time - this value will be the final result. So be quick.

Used technologies

Rendering engine: Crystal Space

Sound: Crystal Space built-in sound plugin

GUI: Crystal Space built-in Cegui plugin

Scripting: Python (yes, the built-in plugin :) )

Compiler +IDE: MVCS8 Express Level builder: pen, paper, then notepad (yes, I write the xml world files by hand)

+Many third party graphics, sounds and other stuff.

About the code

The code will not be the "best way" or optimal CS code. The goal is to demonstrate how to use the Crystal Space built-in plugins. We don't optimize, don't make great UML plans, and don't use versioning. Real great projects need these techniques. Never forget this. When you want to show a real CS app, please look at the source of Planeshift, Eckdsee, etc. Cally in maze is just kid's toy. Enjoy.

You can contact me via email : nagyjoco at gmail.com

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