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Index Entry Section

Java4.18.2 Java Bindings
JavaC.6.10 Java Bindings
‘jobtest’3.2 Applications Overview
‘joytest’3.2 Applications Overview
JPEG librarylibjpeg

key/value pairKey/Value pairs
keycolor4.12.2 Alpha and Keycolor in Textures
keys (Map File)Keys

Level LoadingMap Loading (csLoader)
Level of Detail4.9.10 Level of Detail
‘levtool’3.2 Applications Overview
‘lghtngtest’3.2 Applications Overview
LGPL, Lesser General Public LicenseD.1 GNU Lesser General Public License
libmnglibmng and Little CMS
libraries4.6 Basic Libraries
libraries (Map File)Library Specification Section
Libraries, ALSAALSA
Libraries, AssimpAssimp
Libraries, BulletBullet
Libraries, Cal3DCal3D
Libraries, CGCG
Libraries, CurlCurl
Libraries, Freetype2Freetype2
Libraries, GTKGTK
Libraries, JACKJACK
Libraries, lib3dslib3ds
Libraries, libjpeglibjpeg
Libraries, libmnglibmng and Little CMS
Libraries, libpnglibpng
Libraries, ODEODE
Libraries, Ogg/VorbisOgg/Vorbis libraries
Libraries, Open Sound SystemOpen Sound System
Libraries, OpenALOpenAL
Libraries, OpenGLOpenGL
Libraries, PythonPython
Libraries, SpeexSpeex
Libraries, vgvmvgvm, Cairo and Cairomm
Libraries, wxWidgetswxWidgets
Libraries, X Window SystemX Window System
Libraries, zlibzlib
LicensesD. Licenses
‘lighter2’3.2 Applications Overview
lighting4.11 The Lighting System
Lighting4.11.1 Lighting
Lighting Commands3.1.4.7 Lighting Commands
Load Meshes3.1.4.6 Mesh Manipulation Commands
LoadFontFont changes
loading a map4.2.3.2 Loading The Map
Loading a Model in Walktest, md32spr TutorialLoading a Model in Walktest
loading images4.23.2 Loading Images for Pixmaps
loading level4.16.1 Loading a Level
Locomotion, Tutorial4.2.1.5 Locomotion (Moving Around)
LookAt4.9.6 Camera Movement
LookAt4.10.6 Mesh Movement

MacOS/X2.4.7 MacOS/X
MacOS/X Contents6.1.1.1 Contents
MacOS/X Details6.1.1 MacOS/X
MacOS/X Dynamic Linking6.1.1.3 Dynamic Linking
MacOS/X Run-Loop6.1.1.2 Run-Loop
MacOS/X User-Specific SettingsMacOS/X User-Specific Settings
Mailing Lists1.8 Mailing Lists
Map Creation5.1 How to Create Optimal Maps for Crystal Space
Map Creation5.2 Some Tips for Efficient Maps
Map File Format5.4.2 Format of Map File (XML)
Map Format Reference5.4 Map Format Reference
map loader4.16 Loading Maps and Models
materials4.12 Materials and Textures
materials (Map File)Material Specification Section
Materials ChangesMaterials Versus Textures
matrices4.9.5 Cameras and Matrices
maximum framerateOther Low-Level Configuration Options
‘maxrenderdist’Maximum Object Render Distance
‘maya2spr’3.2 Applications Overview
‘mazing’3.2 Applications Overview
Mazing Tutorial4.2.4 Mazing Tutorial: Small Game
MD24.16.4 Loading 3DS and MD2 Models
‘md32spr’3.2 Applications Overview
md32spr Tutorial5.11 md32spr Tutorial
‘mdl2spr’3.2 Applications Overview
‘mdl2spr’5.12 Quake Model Converter (mdl2spr)
mesh animation4.10.5 Mesh Lighting and Animation
Mesh Commands3.1.4.6 Mesh Manipulation Commands
mesh factories (Map File)Mesh Factory Section
mesh factoryMesh Factories
mesh lighting4.10.5 Mesh Lighting and Animation
mesh objectMesh Objects
Mesh Object PluginsMesh Object Plugins
mesh objects4.9.3 Render Priorities and Objects in Sectors
mesh objectsThings are Mesh Objects
Mesh Objects, Using4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
MeshObject4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
MeshObject4.10.3 Writing Mesh Objects
MeshObject4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.13 SpriteCal3D Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
MeshObject4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
MeshObject Plug-In4.10 Mesh Object Plug-In System
meta-informationSCF Changes
Minimum Application Requirements, Tutorial4.1.5 Minimum Application Requirements
Miscellaneous md32spr Information, md32spr TutorialMiscellaneous md32spr Information
mixmode4.13.2 Mixmodes and Blending
MNG/JNG librarylibmng and Little CMS
Models VisibilitySprites or Models
Module, csGeom4.6.1 Geometry Library (csGeom)
Module, csUtil4.6.2 Utility Library (csUtil)
mount point4.2.3.2 Loading The Map
MountRootcsStrVector and iStrVector Removed
Mouse Movement3.1.2 Mouse Movement
move_3d3.1.4.2 Movement Commands
movement4.10.6 Mesh Movement
Movement Commands3.1.4.2 Movement Commands
movement, camera4.9.6 Camera Movement
Movement, Tutorial4.2.1.5 Locomotion (Moving Around)
movie, video, recording, movierecorder4.23.3 Recording Movies
moving4.10.6 Mesh Movement
moving, camera4.9.6 Camera Movement
MSVC, Building2.4.4 Microsoft Visual C++ 8, 9 or 10
MSVC, external projects4.20.2 Creating an External MSVC 8, 9 or 10 Application

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