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Index Entry Section

DDG Terrain EngineDDG Terrain Engine Removed
DDS4.12.4 Efficient Textures
DDSUse DDS Image Format
Debian2.4.2 Specific instructions for Ubuntu and Debian based systems
debugging4.22 Using the BugPlug Debugging Plugin
Debugging Walktest3.1.4.9 Debugging Commands
Decals4.9.12 Decals
DecRef4.3.2 Correctly Using Smart Pointers
Default Lighting Shader Variables5.5 Default Lighting Shader Variables
deferred4.9.13 Deferred Shading
DeferUpdateLightingLighting Changes
Demos7.6 Writing test and demo applications
Descent-like3.1.4.2 Movement Commands
Description of Archive Contents, md32spr TutorialDescription of Archive Contents
Details, Platform-Specific6.1 Platform-Specific Details
Details, VFS4.7.1 Details
Dev-CPP4.20.4 Creating an External Crystal Space Application Using Dev-CPP
Developer Documentation and APIDocumentation
Developmental Releases, Bleeding-EdgeBleeding-Edge Developmental Releases (SVN)
Directory Hierarchy2.1 Directory Hierarchy
‘distfieldgen’3.2 Applications Overview
‘docconv’3.2 Applications Overview
‘docconv’4.16.3 Binary XML
Documentation, ObtainingDocumentation
Documentation, OnlineDocumentation
Documentation, Writing7.1 Writing Documentation
dynamic lights4.11.2 Pseudo-dynamic Lights
Dynamic Lights3.1.4.7 Lighting Commands
Dynamic LightsDynamic Lights
dynamic loadingCollections
Dynamic Worlds4.9.9 Dynamic Worlds
dynavis4.9.8.2 Visibility Cullers

Efficient Maps5.2 Some Tips for Efficient Maps
elapsed_time ChangesSignature Change: NextFrame(elapsed_time/current_time)
Emitter Particle System4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
engine4.9 The 3D Engine
Engine Internals6.3 The Engine Internals Explained
Engine PluginUsing the Engine as a Plugin
Etiquette, SVN7.4 SVN Etiquette Guidelines
Event Handling, Simple Tutorial4.2.1.2 Event Handling
Event System4.4 Event System
Events, Bindings4.4.5 Bindings
Events, Frame phases4.4.4 Frame phase events
Events, Names4.4.1 Names
Events, Scheduling4.4.2 Scheduling
Events, Subscription4.4.3 Subscription
‘eventtest’3.2 Applications Overview
External Crystal Space Application4.20.1 Creating an External Crystal Space Application
External Crystal Space Application4.20.4 Creating an External Crystal Space Application Using Dev-CPP
external projects4.20 Making Projects Using Crystal Space

FAQB. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Far Plane ClippingFar Plane Clipping
far planesEngine Changes
Features1.6 Feature List
Feedback1.10 Feedback and Bug Reporting
FindFilescsStrVector and iStrVector Removed
‘flarge’3.1.3 Command Line options
font, csf4.13.1 Using a Custom Font
Format of Map File5.4.2 Format of Map File (XML)
framerate4.22.3 Basic Tools
Freelook3.1.2 Mouse Movement
Frequently Asked QuestionsB. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
frustvis4.9.8.2 Visibility Cullers
furmesh mesh4.10.19.4 Creating a Furmesh Mesh
Furmesh Mesh4.10.19 Furmesh Mesh

‘g2dtest’3.2 Applications Overview
game data4.8 Managing Game Specific Data
General Commands3.1.4 Console Commands
General Commands3.1.4.1 General Commands
General Renderbuffers Format, Renderbuffers5.4.1 General Renderbuffers Format
GeneralMeshBuilder4.2.1 Simple Tutorial 1: Basic Setup, World Creation
‘GeneralMeshBuilder’4.10.4 Creating a Genmesh Mesh
Generic import of models5.10 Import from the COLLADA file format
Genesis1.1 Genesis of Crystal Space
GenMesh4.15.4 GenMesh Animation
genmesh mesh4.10.4 Creating a Genmesh Mesh
GenMeshes, VisibilityGenMeshes
‘genmeshify’3.2 Applications Overview
Geometry Library4.6.1 Geometry Library (csGeom)
Geometry Module4.6.1 Geometry Library (csGeom)
GetFullTransform4.10.6 Mesh Movement
GetNearbyLightsLighting Changes
GetNearbyLights()C.12 Release Notes from 0.17 to 0.18
GetTransform4.10.6 Mesh Movement
GlossaryA. Glossary
GPL, General Public LicenseD.3 GNU General Public License

HandleEvent() ChangesSignature Change: HandleEvent(csEvent)
‘Hardmove’Hardmove Change
HardTransform4.10.6 Mesh Movement
Haze4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
‘heightmapgen’3.2 Applications Overview
‘heightmapproc’3.2 Applications Overview
hierarchical transformations4.10.6 Mesh Movement
Hierarchy, Directory2.1 Directory Hierarchy
Hit mesh3.1.2 Mouse Movement
Hit polygon3.1.2 Mouse Movement

iBezierFactoryStateBezier Curve Changes
iBezierStateBezier Curve Changes
iCamera4.2.1.4 The Camera
iCamera4.9.6 Camera Movement
iCameraiCamera Changes
iCollider4.14.1 Basic Collision Detection
iCollideSystem4.14.1 Basic Collision Detection
iCollideSystemCollision Detection Changes
iCollideSystemiCollideSystem Changes
iCommandLineParserThe Commandline Parser
iConfig4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iConfig4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iConfigManagerThe Configuration Manager
iCurveBezier Curve Changes
iCurveTemplateBezier Curve Changes
iDecalManager4.9.12 Decals
iDecalTemplateDecal Templates
iDocumentSystem4.16.3 Binary XML
iDynLightLight Changes
iEmitFactoryState4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iEmitState4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iEngineC.12 Release Notes from 0.17 to 0.18
iEngineName Change: csWorld => csEngine
iEngine.LoadMeshFactory()Engine Changes
iEngine.LoadMeshWrapper()Engine Changes
iEngine.NextFrame()Miscellaneous Changes
iEventEvent-Related Changes
iEvent ChangesSignature Change: HandleEvent(csEvent)
iEventCordEvent-Related Changes
iEventHandlerThe Event Queue
iEventOutletEvent-Related Changes
iEventQueueThe Event Queue
iEventQueueEvent-Related Changes
iFontFont changes
iFontServerFont changes
iFurAnimatedMeshControl4.10.19.2 Furmesh Animation
iFurAnimationControl4.10.19.2 Furmesh Animation
iFurMeshFactory4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
iFurMeshFactory4.10.19.4 Creating a Furmesh Mesh
iFurMeshMaterialProperties4.10.19.3 Furmesh Material
iFurMeshState4.10.19.4 Creating a Furmesh Mesh
iFurMeshType4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
iFurPhysicsControl4.10.19.2 Furmesh Animation
iGeneralFactoryState4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iGeneralFactoryState4.10.4 Creating a Genmesh Mesh
iGeneralFactoryState4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
iGeneralMeshState4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iGeneralMeshState4.10.4 Creating a Genmesh Mesh
iGeneralMeshState4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
iGraphics2D4.13 The Rendering System
iGraphics3D4.13 The Rendering System
iHazeFactoryState4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
iHazeState4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
iImage4.23.2 Loading Images for Pixmaps
iImage5.3 Simple Map Example
iImageIO4.23.2 Loading Images for Pixmaps
iImageIOImage Loading
iIsoEngineIsometric Engine
iKeyValuePair4.8.3 Attaching User Objects to CS Objects in a map file
iKeyValuePairKey/Value pairs
iLight4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iLight4.11.1 Lighting
iLight4.11.2 Pseudo-dynamic Lights
iLightLight Changes
iLightIteratorIterator Changes
iLightList4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iLoader4.16.1 Loading a Level
iLoaderMap Loading (csLoader)
iLoaderContextLoader and Saver Changes
iLoaderPlugin4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
‘iLoaderPlugin’ Creating a Furmesh Mesh
iLoaderPluginAddon Section
iLoaderPluginLoader and Saver Changes
iLoaderPluginLoader and Saver Plugins
iMaterialWrapper4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iMaterialWrapper4.12 Materials and Textures
iMeshFactoryWrapperMesh Factories
iMeshFactoryWrapper4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iMeshObjectMesh Objects
iMeshObject4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iMeshObject4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
iMeshObject4.10.3 Writing Mesh Objects
iMeshObject4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.13 SpriteCal3D Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
iMeshObject4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iMeshObjectiMeshObject changes
iMeshObjectiMeshObject and iMeshObjectFactory Changes
iMeshObjectFactoryMesh Factories
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.3 Writing Mesh Objects
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.13 SpriteCal3D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactory4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectFactoryiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iMeshObjectFactoryiMeshObject and iMeshObjectFactory Changes
iMeshObjectType4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iMeshObjectType4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
iMeshObjectType4.10.3 Writing Mesh Objects
iMeshObjectType4.10.7 Genmesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.13 SpriteCal3D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.17 Haze Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
iMeshObjectType4.10.19.1 Furmesh Mesh Object
iMeshWrapper4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iMeshWrapperMesh Objects
iMeshWrapper4.9.3 Render Priorities and Objects in Sectors
iMeshWrapper4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iMeshWrapper4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
iMeshWrapper4.10.5 Mesh Lighting and Animation
iMeshWrapper4.10.6 Mesh Movement
iMeshWrapper4.14.1 Basic Collision Detection
iMessageBoxDataCSWS Modal Session Paradigm Shift
iModelLoader4.16.4 Loading 3DS and MD2 Models
iMotionManagerSkeletal Sprites
iMotionTemplateSkeletal Sprites
iMovable4.9.3 Render Priorities and Objects in Sectors
iMovable4.10.6 Mesh Movement
‘imptest’3.2 Applications Overview
IncRef4.3.2 Correctly Using Smart Pointers
Input DriversThe Input Drivers
Installation2. Building and Installing
Installing Blender Exporter5.8.1 Installing the io_scene_cs add-on script
Installing io_scene_cs5.8.1 Installing the io_scene_cs add-on script
interface4.3 Plugins, Reference counting, Interfaces (SCF)
Internal Structure6. Internal Project Structure
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)1.9 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Introduction1. Introduction
io_scene_cs5.8 Making Levels and Models in Blender
iObject4.8 Managing Game Specific Data
iObject4.8.1 csObject and iObject
iObject4.8.2 Attaching User Objects to CS Objects
iObject4.8.3 Attaching User Objects to CS Objects in a map file
iObjectKey/Value pairs
iObject4.14.1 Basic Collision Detection
iObjectiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iObjectIterator4.8.3 Attaching User Objects to CS Objects in a map file
iObjectIteratorIterator Changes
iObjectModeliMeshObject changes
iObjectRegistryThe Object Registry
iObjectRegistrySystem Driver Removal and Application Structure
iObjectRegistryIteratorIterator Changes
iParticle4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iParticle4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iParticleC.12 Release Notes from 0.17 to 0.18
iParticleEffector4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iParticleEmitter4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iParticleState4.10.2 Using Mesh Objects
iParticleState4.10.16 Emitter Mesh Object
iParticleSystem4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iParticleSystemBase4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iParticleSystemFactory4.10.11 Particles Mesh Object
iPluginManagerThe Plugin Manager
iPolygon3DiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iPolygonMeshC.5.3 iPolygonMesh deprecation
iPolygonMeshiPolygonMesh changes
iPolyTexFlatPolygon Texture Mapping Changes
iPolyTexGouraudPolygon Texture Mapping Changes
iPolyTexLightMapPolygon Texture Mapping Changes
iPolyTexNonePolygon Texture Mapping Changes
iPolyTxtPlanePolygon Planes
iPortal4.9.4 Portal Engine
iPortal4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
iPortalPortal Changes
iPortalMiscellaneous Changes
iPortalContainer4.10.12 Portal Container Mesh Object
IRC1.9 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
iRenderLoop4.9.2 Renderloops
iSaverPluginLoader and Saver Changes
iSaverPluginLoader and Saver Plugins
iSceneNodeScene Nodes
iSCF4.3.1 Shared Class Facility (SCF)
iScript4.18.1 The iScript Interface
iSector4.2.1.3 Creating a “World”
iSector4.9.3 Render Priorities and Objects in Sectors
iSector4.9.4 Portal Engine
iSectorSectors Have No Polygons
iSectorIteratorIterator Changes
iSequenceWrapper4.15.6 Sequence Manager
iShader4.12.1 Shaders
iShader4.12.1.2 Shader Variables
iShaderVarStringSetShader Variables
iSkeletonBoneSkeletal Sprites
iSkeletonConnectionSkeletal Sprites
iSkeletonConnectionStateSkeletal Sprites
iSkeletonLimbStateSkeletal Sprites
iSkeletonStateSkeletal Sprites
iSkeletonStateSkeletal Sprites
‘isotest’3.2 Applications Overview
iSprite2DFactoryState4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iSprite2DState4.10.14 Sprite2D Mesh Object
iSprite3DFactory3D Sprite Factories
iSprite3DFactoryState4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iSprite3DFactoryState4.15.2 Sprite3D Animation
iSprite3DState4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iSprite3DState4.15.2 Sprite3D Animation
iSpriteAction4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iSpriteFrame4.10.15 Sprite3D Mesh Object
iStatLightLight Changes
iStreamIteratorIterator Changes
iStringArraycsStrVector and iStrVector Removed
iStrVectorcsStrVector and iStrVector Removed
IsType(), iScriptObjectC.5.4 Renamed Classes and Methods
iSyntaxService4.16.2 XML Syntax Services
iSystemSystem Driver Removal and Application Structure
iTerrainCell4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrainCollider4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrainDataFeeder4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrainFactory4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrainFactoryState4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
iTerrainObjectState4.10.9 Terrain Mesh Object
iTerrainRenderer4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrainSystem4.10.10 Terrain2 Mesh Object
iTerrFuncStateLoader and Saver Changes
iTerrFuncStateTerrain Mesh Object
iTextureManagerTexture manager change
iTextureManager.UnregisterMaterial()Texture Manager Changes
iTextureManager.UnregisterTexture()Texture Manager Changes
iTextureWrapper4.12 Materials and Textures
iThingThings are Mesh Objects
iThingEnvironmentPolygon Planes
iThingFactoryStateiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iThingStateiThingState and iPolygon3D Changes
iThingStateThings are Mesh Objects
iTriangleMesh4.10.1 MeshObject Concepts
iTriangleMesh4.14.1 Basic Collision Detection
iTriangleMeshC.5.3 iPolygonMesh deprecation
iView4.2.1.4 The Camera
iVirtualClockThe Virtual Clock
iVisibilityCuller4.9.8 Visibility Culling In Detail
iVisibilityObjectiMeshObject changes
iVisibilityObjectIteratorIterator Changes
iWaterFactoryState4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
iWaterMeshState4.10.18 Watermesh Mesh Object
iWorldC.12 Release Notes from 0.17 to 0.18
iWorldName Change: csWorld => csEngine

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